Connecting YOU with Your Career

While we are known for our technical recruiting, our infrastructure and recruiting process have made us successful in other markets as well. As the search continues, we continue to draw upon our many resources as we identify qualified, interested candidates.

The Interview

The first half of the interview consists of a full description of the client company, its goals, its environment, the specific job opportunity, growth potential within the company, and expectations of its employees. The second half deals with further qualifying the candidate based upon work history, experience, reasons for a career move, and many other factors.

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The depth of our work ensures that neither the company nor the candidate enter a relationship with unrealistic expectations. Once Career Connections is comfortable with its selection of candidates, they are individually submitted to the client company for review and interviews.

Candidates, go to our Jobs area for open positions we are currently helping our clients to fill. Click HERE to read what other (former) job seekers have to say about Career Connections.