Important Tips for Candidates

Finding just the right people to fill technical positions is getting more difficult all the time. It is not only the technical expertise that companies desire, but they are also seeking candidates who have the right attitude, enthusiasm, and passion about their work! Once we determine exactly what kind of technical expertise a company is looking for, we then find out about the role within the organization and team so that we can also match up the person who has the right chemistry. It is so important to find the blend of technical skills and personality in order to make for a satisfied employer and a long-lasting happy employee!

Arrive 10-15 minutes early for an interview, but not an hour early! It is better to have to wait for the company than to have them waiting for you!

Always take a few copies of your resume with you, just in case someone you meet with doesn’t have a copy in front of them. It is best to be prepared! You may also need to refer to it for pertinent information when filling out your job application.

Do not take your cell phone into the interview! If you must have it with you, please turn it completely off to avoid any interruptions.

Do not be afraid to ask the interviewer to repeat something you didn’t understand or if you need clarification in order to answer the question accurately.

Do not give one or two word answers to questions. Try and explain your answers with supporting reasons for your responses. On the flip side, keep your answers short and to the point. There is much to be said about the wisdom of brevity and clarity!

Never talk down about your present/past employers. No one likes a whiner! This behavior will reflect poorly on your attitude. Always best to deliver the pros/cons of your current/past employment relationships and carefully articulate your reasons for seeking a new position.

Always send a thank you note to the people that you’ve interviewed with. Whether it’s an email or hand written note, always double check spelling and grammar and be concise and to the point!