Sandy Opre

Sandy Opre, CPC (Certified Personnel Consultant) President and founder of Career Connections started her IT recruiting career in 1985. She worked for a consulting firm and then later went on to work for a permanent placement agency before starting Career Connections. She has been on the Board of Directors for MAAPCS (Mid-Atlantic Association of Personnel Consultants) where she networked with other placement agencies to establish trustworthy relationships. She taps into her network as needed when searching for difficult-to-find candidates.

Sandy opened the Bordentown, NJ office in 1993 and most of her clients were in NJ, PA, DE, and NY. She opened an office in Merritt Island, Florida in 2000 and another office in Orlando in 2002 to be closer to her children. Career Connections has been a National Recruiting company ever since.

Her fun sense of humor and honesty have been part of her trademark in the industry. She enjoys working with IT Managers and Human Resources professionals and has a knack of finding out exactly what kind of person they are looking for. She LISTENS to their needs and then sets out to find that "perfect candidate" for them.

When a candidate calls about finding new IT position she gets to work listening to what they are looking for and starts making marketing calls for them as well. Part of her success is because she really does CARE about each candidate and where their career is going. Once she successfully places a candidate at a company, she stays in touch with them to see how they are doing.

Sandy started out recruiting Computer Operators on the mainframe and AS/400 and enjoyed working on those jobs as much as she does working on SAP Project Manager, Oracle DBA, JAVA Developer and Network Integrator positions of today. She feels that it is important to be passionate and enthusiastic about your work each and everyday. That definitely comes across when she is speaking with candidates and clients. It is impossible to know everything about each new technology that comes out constantly, but she strives to ask pertinent questions and has a good grasp on the client's and candidates needs.