Brian Opre

Brian graduated from Cornell University with a BS degree in Hospitality Management, with a minor in Business-Strategic Planning. He then spent 4 years in various roles within the sales/marketing field before entering the recruiting world. He joined Career Connections in 2000 and has specialized in IT/ERP and Engineering recruiting services. 

He services his national clients and caters to their specific needs ranging from spot consulting needs of an immediate nature to staffing large-scale projects. Brian is known in the office as a disciplined, thorough, detail-oriented manager who provides superior service to his clients and customers.

Our recruiting process begins when our staffing consultants schedule a meeting with the hiring manager. This individual attention allows us to assess not only the technical skills required to do the job, but also to fully understand how the successful candidate will fit into the company, what type of environment he or she will be working in, what personality types will come into play, and what types of non-technical skills and attributes the ideal candidate will possess.

The consultants then decide upon a recruiting strategy in order to make the most efficient use of our client company's time and resources. We offer a wide variety of services to "get the word out," including drawing upon our multiple-industry resources and contacts and our extensive database of former and current clients. The reputation we have built in the recruitment industry provides us with a steady stream of referrals. Brian and his team have built a strong network of professional contacts, especially in specialized and highly sought after areas of candidate expertise.